The feature hunt

If you see it happen from the car as you drive by, it is already too late
I dino-what to tell you, 9-year-old Archer Cagle, left, and Morgan Eastin just thought it would be fun to take Rupert the beagle for a walk through Eugene dressed in their tyrannosaurus costumes instead of driving fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Call them wild art, lines-onlies or stand-alones, it is a fact of life for a newspaper photographer that the dragon that is the daily news cycle needs to be fed.

On those slow news days, if all else fails, a picture of a random and delightful slice of life moment will fill the role and the news hole nicely.

So, out into the world the photographer goes in search of a magic moment. Creativity, resourcefulness, dogged determination and luck required.

The hole in the layout for the printed page is waiting to be filled by the picture you will make, the only question? Will you will be proud of the results when the paper hit the doorstep the next day.

Here are a few of my successes.

Chris Pietsch is the director of photography for Gannett Newspapers in Oregon, The Register-Guard in Eugene and the Statesman Journal in Salem.

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